Necropolis Heart – Musing Publications

Sadee Bee – September 2022

Necropolis Heart – Monthly Musings – Musing Publications

I felt an ancient city rise and fall inside my heart. 

An Empire built from the beating, flowing blood of my life. 

Then, I was a Goddess. Cathedrals were erected in my honor, 

fueling a civilization of love. Ornate gates, gilded gold;

open to those in need of a place to call home. 

There was always room among the ancient stone. 

But where those freely tred, come ones with dark intentions. 

Something dark and rotten, found its way inside. 

As, I was the one who let it in. 

It spread a poison teeming with the purest malevolence.

Fed on my blood, on all the love I had left. 

Stone cracked, Cathedrals crumbled, and I was Goddess

no more. Entombed in the Necropolis that once was my heart.

Gates gilded no more, I lay broken and cold. Conquered 

by those I loved the most. They took that gilded gold,

welded it into shining masks. Blinded me to their 

true intentions, left me in the dark. I found their poison

leaching out of me, corrupting my mind and soul. 

My mask was one of shadows, for there was no 

light beneath the stone.
Necropolis Heart


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