Published Works

Pupa: Growth & Metamorphosis

Published By Alien Buddha Press

“In this volume Sadee Bee presents readers with deep felt essays and anthems about her life, mind, and heart. We are shown dark memories of Minnesota in April with visions of abuse, misuse, and betrayal. There is addiction. There is loss. There is help from others, and there is love. Bee wants to be a feral animal, but knows she must live within rules she did not make in order to survive. Religion and society weave chains around her to confine her gender, her sexuality, her spirit. Prescription medication and doctors trap her while attempting to cure her. She struggles in her journey towards self love and self understanding as a black, queer woman with PTSD and mental health issues. Join the author in her journey as you learn about her and yourself.”

-Joe Farley

I Didn’t Ask to Be Crazy is a collection of poetry and personal essays centered around mental illness. Sadee Bee shares her journey with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD, through creativity and raw honesty. It is a collection designed to convey the message “you are not alone.” Sadee Bee is an up-and-coming poet with great interest in helping others understand that mental illness exists on a spectrum and not every experience is the same. She hopes others in need find solace in her words and understand that even if suffering cannot be seen on the surface; it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.