Sadee Bee – Artist Statement

Inspired by Magic, Strange dreams, & Creepy Vibes

Sadee Bee

Artist Statement

Sadee Bee is a 30-year-old, Minneapolis native and self-taught artist with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts. Her mediums include but are not limited to, oil painting, digital artwork, and collage. Sadee is drawn to speculative elements, bright contrasting colors, and works that evoke different emotions depending on the viewer. With an appreciation of the feminine form, especially of black femmes, her art often features feminine faces or statues created in non-skin tone colors. With her feminine ‘portraiture’, her subjects can often be found painted or drawn without eyes or irises; this speaks to Sadee’s desire to convey emotion without relying on the look in a subject’s eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul but what does one see when they are not there?

As an advocate for mental health and diagnosed with mental illness herself, Sadee uses art to speak to unique experiences within the margins of living with mental illness. Her art can often be seen as chaotic, dark, or macabre juxtaposed with bright colors. When living with mental illness, the world around can always be bright even when darkness takes root in the mind. Art for Sadee Bee is a way of processing these emotions and learning to heal.

Sadee Bee’s art can be found on small scale physical and digital canvases. She enjoys creating smaller works that draw the eye to a specific element or multiple elements in a small area. This lends to the goal of allowing the viewer of her work to see what their mind desires to see in a particular piece. She is also a poet and some of her artwork is inspired by poetry she has written.

Portfolio and Contact Information:

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