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As the new Visual Arts Editor for Sage Cigarettes Magazine
I am looking to curate the odd, the inspiring, the unsettling, and the downright awesome work of other creatives! Let’s make this art department amazing!

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Visual Art – Sage Cigarettes Magazine

Happy New Year!


Forty-Two Tiles – Fauxmoir Literary Magazine – 2022

Sadee Bee

Sadee Bee – No. 6 – fauxmoir

“In the absence of thought, time becomes less linear. I travel in and out of consciousness amid the battery of questions from faceless figures that say they only want to help.” – Sadee Bee

Thank you Fauxmoir for publishing this piece in Issue 6!

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Enough to Hide the Stain – Sadee Bee – 2022

Enough to Hide the Stain by Sadee Bee – sage cigarettes magazine

My true nature / gifted at birth / from a bloodline
filled with ceaseless wanting’s / of bleeding hearts
and subtle deceits / whispers of pain /
bruises fading deep beneath //

Happy Holidays!

Well, hopefully they are for you. This time of year has always been difficult for me for a multitude of reasons; too many to get into today.

Anyhow, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. I will continue to write and create art. If you you’re looking for unique holiday gifts, look no further than my art shops!

I also would like to announce that I am the new Visual Arts Editor for Sage Cigarettes Magazine! Details can be found here Visual Art Submission – Sage Cigarettes Magazine

Again, happy holidays! I’m sure you’ll hear from me again soon.


Memory Arils – Selenite Press – Floriography Issue 2 Abstractions

Sadee Bee

“I swallow these seeds whole /
No taste to savor / only to stomach /
These are bitter / fluid burning my tongue as it drips /”

Memory Arils – Sadee Bee – 2022

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I’m an Artist!

Hey all! I have some great pieces for sale on ArtPal currently and would love to sell some! I use these funds to pay for my mental health treatment and Ketamine infusions that are not covered by insurance. Ketamine has drastically saved my life and I need maintenance treatments to keep creating!

I also have some great pieces on Etsy!

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Suburban Witchcraft Magazine – Issue 3

Gathering, Death Call, and Melancholic Willow by Sadee Bee

Issue 3 of Suburban Witchcraft Magazine

A melancholic beauty; roots
that run deep. Slip inside the swinging vines, under the cover
of the Weeping mother


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Livina Press – Issue 2

My Cassandra – Sadee Bee

Cover for Livina Press, Issue two. Moon and celestial elements
Livina Press – Issue 2 – Cover by Rory Hector

“Valerian Root rests on her tongue, between closed lips I beg to stay sealed. Her eyes, coated in wax for I could not bring my hands to cut them out.”


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